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W3DBSMGR ( Error 8520 - A timeout occurred during the initialization of SRDE engine

Workgroup Engine Issues

PSQL Workgroup engine is unable to start properly after performing an initial installation on
Windows Vista and then logging off. This issue occurs regardless of how you are logged into the
system (standard user or administrative user). Most users will receive the following message:

We have listed several workaround suggestions to solve this problem. The suggestions are
ordered by best choice followed by specific solution for a particular user type. Pervasive highly
recommends that users select the first option to solve the known issue for all users.
Allow members of all groups start the Workgroup Engine

Pervasive offers the Pervasive PSQL Service Utility for Windows Vista that will automatically
set-up both the Workgroup Engine and/or the Client Cache Engine to run as a service, this is
available from the Pervasive Component Zone.
More information is available in the section titled Pervasive Windows’s Vista Knowledge
Base articles.
Members of the Administrator group are unable to start the Workgroup Engine

Option 1) Configure the Workgroup Engine to run as a service using the above mentioned
Pervasive PSQL Service Utility, OR.
Option 2) Right click on the w3dbsmgr.exe and run Workgroup engine via Run As Administrator.
Members of the Standard User group are unable to start the Workgroup Engine

Using the standard/default view (not Classic via control panel) use the following steps to
configure the needed requirements:
Add Global Privilege (SeCreateGlobalPrivilege) to the standard user group and users.
Here are the steps, remember this only works for standard users.

1) Create a new group called psql through Control Panel > System and Maintenance >
Administrative Tools > Computer Management > System Tools > Local Users and Groups >
Groups > New Group.  Pervasive PSQL v9 Compatibility with Windows Vista 11

2) Grant the psql group Create Global Objects privilege through Control Panel > System and
Maintenance > Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy > Local Policy > User Rights
Assignment > Create Global Objects policy.

3) Add the psql group to the list of users/groups with Create Global Objects privilege.

4) Add all PSQL users to the psql group.

5) Verify that the “Start Workgroup Engine” is in the Startup folder for “All Users” or manually
add by creating the following shortcut:
C:\PVSW\bin\w3dbsmgr.exe –SRDE

6) Logon on as a standard user.


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